Dana Johnson






I am a driven Merchandise Product Development & Design professional; possessing an exceptional eye for detail and an ability to remain self-motivated to produce high caliber product. My goal is to implement innovative ideas that maintain your brand identity and still push the limits creatively to elevate your desired product. 


Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball Z franchise is the single most iconic anime title in North America. In preparation for the newest movie installment, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, I was the lead Project Manager of the entire collection developing a cohesive product line in all categories, acquiring licensor approvals, and overseeing placement at retail in time for the movie release. This was one of the tightest timelines I have worked with leaving 5 weeks to develop concepts and run production. This line is still one of the top sellers at Hot Topic that they continue to replenish.  



Naruto is globally the most recognizable anime and 4th best selling manga series in history.  It is easily one of Viz Media’s best selling mangas of all time. Although they stopped releasing new volumes, it still remains one of the strongest anime licenses for merchandise. Since the market was already saturated with this long-lived series, it was a challenge to be granted the rights and reach an untapped market. However, I was able to see holes in the market where fans were craving new product. By incorporating current trend combined with the style guide art, we created product that was a breath of fresh air for this brand. Ultimately this enabled us to strategically grow the Naruto business outside of its expected retail channels.

nar 6-2.jpg


Crunchyroll is the number one streaming source for anime content. We partnered together to help expand their rapidly growing e-comm store. We launched new merchandise online each quarter based on new streaming series. By doing this we were able to quickly see what properties were fan favorites and expand upon that helping each property grow as well as the Crunchyroll brand.


Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul was one of Funimation’s hottest properties for both publication and anime. This was a fun project because the license didn’t have art that would work for merchandise so we stared from square one creating our own art. Needing to keep the art separate from the manga series, we used minimal colors and tons of line art to create a very gender neutral & darker line for the brand.


Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century. Managing the brand of a legend means each project will cross a few more desks before reaching fruition. Even with a few more hoops to jump through, the common goal is to maintain the brand identity and integrity of a very influential individual.



NASA was personally one of my favorite brands to work on because I am such a fan girl for anything space related. From super cool space images to the very recognizable NASA logo there is so much you can do with this brand that can fit all tiers of retail. My all time favorite item is the NASA Bomber Jacket created for Box Lunch. The jacket looks very authentic with different embroidered patches and a 100% light polyester shell and matte finish. NASA has such a strong brand identity that you can fit it into any current trend and easily stay true to core brand making it very versatile and fun to work on.



AJ Threads at Vivid Boutique & Salon

Vivid Boutique and Salon is an all women’s clothing store that also includes a full service hair salon located in Lone Tree, Colorado. I was asked to create the logo for Vivid’s new & exclusive brand “AJ Threads”, that is projected to launch in 2017.


R&D Anime Expo

When looking for a new license to sign or needing inspiration for a new collection, going to the core demo and seeing what they are into and wearing is an essential step in the process. You have to know what the consumer wants in order to have a best seller. Anime Expo is the largest anime convention in North America bringing in 20,000 attendees a day and growing each year. Attending Anime Expo provided me with so much information directly from the fans. This was a crucial step in creating my retail stagey for anime merchandise. 


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